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Wedding Photography at Lake of the Ozarks

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important part of your wedding planning.  Everything from the dress and the flowers, to the venue and the smiles will be remembered through the photographs.  Kate appreciates the thought, effort and investment put into all the details of your wedding day and she strives to capture every detail beautifully.  But more than that, she focuses on making the photography as fun and relaxing and pleasant as possible!  

She does this by getting to know the couple and their personalities and how they relate to each other and by understanding what is most important to them on their wedding day and in their wedding images.  That is why she offer free consultations in studio or by phone, to find out more about you as a couple and what you are interested in as far as your imagery. You can also discuss your preferences regarding budget and packages and what products you would most like to have (digital files, album, wall portraits, thank you cards).  You can see more samples of her work, you can look at different album options, and talk about scheduling and other wedding details.   You can even build a custom package together to get exactly what you want at the very best price!  

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